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Asphalt upkeep for parking lots involves more than just sealing cracks and filling potholes. Speed bumps eventually need to be repaired, car stops’ concrete eventually deteriorates and needs to be replaced, and catch basins for storm drains need to be cleaned and maintained.

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As freshly laid asphalt surfaces are continually exposed to factors like sunshine, water, and chemicals, they eventually start to wear and degrade.

In asphalt pavement, the liquid asphalt that links the aggregate components starts to lose its inherent resistance to water. The pavement can easily succumb to a variety of various sorts of deterioration, including cracks and potholes, if the water starts to seep beneath the surface.

The experts can identify these issues immediately and carry out the repairs required to stabilize and prolong the life of your pavement. American Paving & Concrete & Repair provides the tools and expertise necessary to execute skin patches, full-depth patches, or complete reconstruction of big areas on your asphalt pavement if it needs to be patched up due to significant damage and potholes. The required equipment is on-hand at our company.


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American Paving & Concrete is the company to contact for asphalt maintenance in Sellersville, PA. Whether we installed your surface years ago or someone else did it more recently, we are ready to provide the patching, crack filling, and resurfacing required to restore it to a degree of quality comparable to when it was first installed. To arrange a consultation and have us determine the best repair for your asphalt surface, call us at 610-333-7573 right away.

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